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We're always updating our range of fun ideas to make the time spent with your little ones special.
Whether it's helping them get to grips with everyday skills or finding something to do on a rainy day, there's lots to see and do on

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Christmas Cards
Get your children involved in the holiday season - download Noddy Christmas cards to print out and colour in
Party Pack
Download games, invitations, banners - in fact everything you need for a great party!
Mud Cake
Get the recipe for this delicious Sly and Gobbo chocolate mud cake!
Make it!
Download fun activity sheets including this Noddy themed reward chart
Watch Noddy
Noddy on TV... Next episode:
Tomorrow 7:30am on Five's Milkshake.
Your Pictures
Dulcie and May on their way to see Noddy's summer tour. Send in your own pics now!
Laura, aged 4, sent in this lovely colourful picture of Noddy. Send in your own pics now!
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Push 'n' Go Noddy
Classic toy, perfect for younger fans of Noddy.

Only £9.99
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Noddy Appeal
Noddy supports children with arthritis. Learn more about the arc Noddy appeal here.

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