Noddy on TV

Noddy on TV
The Noddy phenomenon
Noddy, the little wooden boy with the jingly blue hat, has become one of the most loved children's characters of the modern era. Generations of children have grown up enjoying Enid Blyton's enchanting Noddy stories either through books, TV or the stage.

Noddy's beginnings
The first Noddy book, Noddy Goes to Toyland, was published in 1949. The success of the book resulted in Noddy's TV debut - in a puppet series in 1954. After this Noddy was exported all over the world. In fact over 200 million Noddy books have been sold in over 30 languages, including Medieval Latin and Icelandic!

Since 1954 Noddy has had several TV incarnations and in the 1970s the show was narrated by Richard Briers. Make Way for Noddy - the latest 3D animated series - hit the screens in 2002.

Noddy on TV
Noddy today
Make Way For Noddy is broadcast in over 100 countries around the world. The show is bursting with infectious energy, inspiring songs and larger than life characters. The child viewer can easily jump straight into this wonderful world.

Positivity and fun
From the bouncy sing-along theme tune, through the simple stories and hilarious antics of the characters. There are endless surprises, happy endings and so much to entertain and enjoy.

With a sparkling new adventure in every episode, the series encompasses all of Noddy's magic, providing a good-natured mix of fun and laughter that is always tied to a gentle, positive message. Children delight in watching their favourite characters spring into vibrant, animated life as they join them in adventure after adventure.

Noddy on TV
Foreign languages

Another way to enjoy Noddy on television is with Say It with Noddy. Children are introduced to the idea of different languages when a humorous or unexpected event inspires new words, which is an ideal opportunity for 'sound play'.

One hundred two-minute episodes have been produced making showing Noddy learning words in, amongst others, Spanish, Urdu, French, Swahili and Mandarin. With Say It with Noddy, your child will soon exclaim 'I can say it too!'

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